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I didn't begin yoga until I was in my latge 60's; I am poorly coordinated and because yoga seemed to have its own language and there were so many types I had always been afraid to try.  I was lured in because the descsription of Sunny's class was "Gentle Yoga" so I thought maybe I could do it!  

I think learning yoga from Sunny has changed my life.  She is so knowledgeable about body mechanics, physiology and anatomy that I feel totally safe in her hands.  Her discussions of those things and the therapeutic value of what we are doing speaks to my science background far more than the strange, mystical approaches I had seen on tapes.  I simply wanted to try to stay as flexible as I could as I aged.

Then I developed terrible issues with a knee and I firmly believe the regimen she gave me before surgery made me so much stronger and better prepared that it improved my outcome.  I am not a physical type or exercise-lover so I was amazed at how acutely I missed yoga when I was unable to attend while in a cast and braces for six months.  

Sunny is aware of every class member's physical issues and even though we are different, she manages to address them all.  I wish I had been able to take Sunny's classes while I was working.  I would not have had the tension headaches.  A class with Sunny is more relaxing than a massage!

Rebecca C.